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Your strategic partner in event marketing and communications.
We are not an event agency, but a communication agency that delivers world-class events.

Live events

The most intimate, thrilling, and impactful experiences any brand can offer. Galas, conferences, festive celebrations, summer days, etc.

Online events

Reach audiences across the globe and offer an immersive brand experience.

Hybrid events

The unlimited reach of virtual events and the emotional connection of the physical events create a powerful fusion.

Metaverse solutions

Next-generation marketing technology enables customers to experience brand worlds like never before.


We've worked extensively with UN and EU government bodies

Miltton Events provides event services to both the public and private sectors. Some of our noteworthy long-term clients include the United Nations, The European Union as well as the governments of Estonia, Finland, and Germany.

We have worked with top-tier
politicians and public speakers.

“Estonia (Miltton Events) was able to show excellent quality and world class when organizing the Global Business Summit.”

Tony Blair

Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

“We have been able to bring Miltton Events to the consciousness of all UN countries as a top maker of digital events with world-class virtual solutions.”

Urmas Reinsalu

Former Foreign Minister of the Republic of Estonia

“This solution is remarkable and will bring international fame to Estonia according to the capabilities of our digital state.”

Toomas Hendrik Ilves

Former President of the Republic of Estonia

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Bright minds and big talents bring an agile,
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