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Having the experience of over thousands virtual, hybrid and live events, we offer a full scale solutions from strategic partnership to measuring the results for all your events needs.

A full-service
event agency

Live events

Whether you are looking for an inspiring team building activity or a large-scale seminar, we got you covered.

Throughout our multi decade history, we have found out a great formula how to get your audience motivated, inspired and your message across.

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Virtual events

The host, speakers and other performers participate in the event remotely with the assistance of technical team.

We offer full technical and communication support during the execution and in the planning of the entire event.


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Hybrid events

A best of both worlds, where virtual content and live components are smoothly tied together resulting in an engaging experience.

An innovative concept where nearly anything can be done – Speakers can participate in the event both from the studio and remotely.


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A communication agency that creates events.

Event is a part of the communication strategy and can be used as a key element.

Digitalise your stakeholder relations, stage a remote capital markets day, or hold a global virtual product launch – Miltton Events.


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Urmas Reinsalu Former Foreign Minister of the Republic of Estonia

We have been able to bring Miltton Events to the consciousness of all UN countries as a top maker of digital events with world-class virtual solutions.

Toomas Hendrik Ilves Former President of the Republic of Estonia

This solution is remarkable and will bring international fame to Estonia according to the capabilities of our digital state.

Tony Blair Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Estonia [Miltton Events] was able to show excellent quality and world class when organizing the Global Business Summit.

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